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McLeod County Fair Foundation

McLeod County Fair Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the McLeod County Fair Foundation!

Our foundation is a newly established 501(c)3 charitable foundation. Tax deductible donations to this foundation will directly impact and enhance the educational programming of the McLeod County Fair, located in Hutchinson, MN.

Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities and experiences at the McLeod County Fair. The McLeod County Fair was first held in 1872 and has been a long-standing tradition in our community ever since. Education is, and always has been, one of the main components to our fair. In the earliest fairs, people attended to learn from one another and to showcase their talents and knowledge. To this day, the same holds true. As hosts of the fair, the McLeod County Agricultural Association focuses on providing the people of the McLeod County area with a high quality, family friendly, educational and entertaining fair, by showcasing the innovation and history of business, agriculture and the arts.

The McLeod County Agricultural Association will be celebrating our 150th Anniversary in 2022.We are honored to be the caretakers of an organization with such deep history. The look and scope of the fair may have broadened since 1872, but our core values and priority on education has remained the same. Thank you for supporting our educational programming. We look forward to seeing how our event continues to grow and progress well beyond our next 150 years!

For more information regarding the McLeod County Fair Foundation, please contact the fair office. Thank you!


Donations toward the McLeod County Fair donation go directly toward our educational programming that is offered throughout the fair. To show your support, consider a donation to help grow our event and expand on our educational programs. We welcome donations from businesses, individuals, various groups, memorials, etc.

We also encourage you to remember the McLeod County Fair Foundation when doing estate planning, end of year giving, or through volunteer match programs that may be offered through your workplace. Contact your employer to learn more about the options and qualifications for donating!

Education at the Fair

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Education is a key component of our fair. Whether it is a planned exhibit or something that happens when people get together or ask questions, you can always learn something new at the fair. With the help of funding from the foundation, we will be able to continue offering new educational programming and always provide the opportunity to learn.

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