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Executive Officers & Directors

President: Keith Tongen
Vice President: John Brunkhorst
Treasurer: Connie Lambert
Fair Manager / Executive Secretary: Casey Walters

Director: Jerry Schimelpfenig
Director: Steve Kuttner
Director: Tina Huebner
Director: Dale Zieman
Director: Mark Vacek
Director: Nancy Witte

Full Board Members

Kaylee Albrecht, Hutchinson

Tim Albrecht, Hutchinson
Maureen Krumery, Glencoe Robert Shimpa, Hutchinson
Brian Anderson, Lester Prairie
Brett Kuttner, Hutchinson
Tony Smith, Hutchinson
Bill Arndt, Hutchinson Steve Kuttner, Hutchinson
Randy Starke, Hutchinson
Gary Asche, Stewart Connie Lambert, Hutchinson
Kendra Telecky, Hutchinson
Jon Block, Hutchinson Koreen Lemke, Hutchinson
Gail Thovson-Fransen, Hutchinson
Virginia Brodd, Hutchinson Cindy Ludewig, Hutchinson
Keith Tongen, Brownton
John Brunkhorst, Hutchinson Daryl Luthens, Hutchinson
Larry Tongen, Brownton
Clifford Bussler, Brownton Justin Luthens, Hutchinson
Douglas Tuman, Hutchinson
Jon Christensen, Hutchinson Bill Mathews, Hutchinson
Mark Vacek, Glencoe
Cindy Dolezal, Silver Lake Brandon Mathews, Hutchinson Sheriff Tim Langenfeld
Janet Dolezal, Hutchinson Kaitlyn McGraw, Hutchinson Dr. Virgil Voigt, Hutchinson
Charles Draeger, Hutchinson
Paul Merkins, Stewart Casey Walters, Hutchinson
James Fahey, Hutchinson Wayne Micka, Hutchinson Beverly Wangerin, Hutchinson
Marian Filk, Hutchinson Mark Muckenhirn, Hutchinson Bonnie Westmiller, Hutchinson
Bonnie Fimon, Hutchinson Joe Nagel, Hutchinson Nathan Winter, Hutchinson
A.J. Forcier, Hutchinson Bob Paulson, Silver Lake
Glenn Witte, Hutchinson
Dr. John Froning, Hutchinson Mary Purcell, Winsted
Nancy Witte, Hutchinson
Robert Hantge, Hutchinson Brent Reiner, Hutchinson
Brian Wosmek, Glencoe
Kerry Hansen, Hutchinson Kurt Reiner, Hutchinson Paul Wright, Hutchinson
Elmer Howe, Hutchinson Scott Rickeman, Hutchinson
Scott Ziegler, Hutchinson
Tina Huebner, Hutchinson Dr. Rod Riewer, Hutchinson Dale Zieman, Hutchinson
Chris Hutton, Hutchinson Kelli Rusch, Glencoe

Julie Jergens, Hutchinson
Jerry Schimelpfenig, Glencoe

Al Koglin, Hutchinson
Jamie Scharfencamp, Hutchinson

Pat Kohn, Hutchinson

Robert Krcil, Hutchinson

a portion of our board members photographed before the beginning of the 2018 McLeod County Fair with the newly completed Pavilion.
McLeod County Fair Board Members
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