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Non-Livestock Exhibitors

Entry Deadlines

Entries (not online) are due to the fair office by August 1st.
You have the option to either enter online beginning July 1st, or by submitting a paper entry to the fair office.

Paper entries can be dropped off at the fair office or mailed to:
McLeod County Fair Entry
PO Box 142
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Non Livestock online registration remains open until 11:59 pm on Saturday, August 14th.


With the change to a 4-day fair, our schedule has also made changes. Exhibits are to be brought to the fairgrounds on TUESDAY, AUGUST 17TH. Entries are accepted from NOON - 7:00pm. No late entries accepted. Exhibits will be judged privately Tuesday evening or Wednesday and will be ready for public viewing when the fair opens, Thursday at 9:00am.
There are no public fair events held on Wednesday this year.

I'm new to this. How do i enter?

How To Enter Projects:
Open the Premium Book file. Select your desired department (ex. Department 18: Flowers). Within each department, you will find different classes. Within each class, select the specific lot that matches the description of your entry. Either record these entries on a paper entry form and submit it to the fair office, OR choose to enter online through the link provided. Feel free to contact the fair office with any questions or help walking you through the process!

Your exhibits need to be brought to the fair on TUESDAY for entry day. Bring them directly to the exhibit buildings from NOON - 7PM. No entries will be accepted after 7PM. An entry tag with your name and description of your entry will be ready and waiting for you! From there, fair volunteers will display your entry and get it ready for judging. Judging is done privately on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and results will be ready and displayed on Thursday at 9AM when the fair opens. Your entries can be picked up and taken home after 8PM on Sunday. Best of luck to you and your entries!



10:00 AM - NOON: Commercial Building Meeting Room

(approx. 2 hours long)

Changes in the 2021 Open Class non-livestock entry day and judging times have prompted the McLeod County Fair to offer a hands on workshop for Horticulture Exhibitors.

This workshop will address how to choose flowers and vegetables with the best potential for earning a ribbon placing at the fair, along with preparation and presentation of your exhibit. The workshop will also provide information and hands-on demonstrations for new flower exhibitors, as well as a refresher for long-time exhibitors, in the process to harden flower stems for longest lasting freshness.

Both adult and youth exhibitors are welcome! There will be no cost to attend, but a limit of 30 attendees will require pre-registration by Thursday, July 22nd. Attendees are encouraged to bring a sample/samples of flowers they might have particular interest in just how to exhibit correctly.

For more Info or to Register:
Register by Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 (limit 30 participants)
email: manager@mcleodcountyfair.com
Phone: 320.587.2499

Departments & Superintendents

Department 11: Horticulture- Fruits
  • Superintendent: Robert Krcil
Department 12: Vegetables
  • Superintendent: Robert Krcil
Department 13: Grains, Seeds & Forages
  • Superintendent: Brigette Buss
Department 14: Home Activities - Needle Art
  • Superintendent: Julie Orvis Jergens
Department 15: Hobby Craft
  • Superintendent: Virginia Brodd
Department 17: Pantry Store
  • Superintendent: Kaylee Albrecht
Department 18: Flowers
  • Superintendent: Janet Dolezal
Department 19: Fine Arts & Photography
  • Superintendent: Kelli Rusch

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