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Exhibiting at the Fair

Over 4,000 exhibits are entered in the McLeod County fair each year! There are a variety of different departments, classes and lots that define how and where a exhibit should be entered.

How to Enter:

  1. Look through the Premium Book to see what types of projects are eligible. The Premium Book is the guide to entering animals or items in the fair, deadlines, rules and premiums paid (yes, you could make money!)
  2. In the Premium Book, select your desired department (ex. Department 4: Dairy). Within each department, you will find different classes. Within each class, select the specific lot that matches the description of your project(s).
  3. Entries should be recorded on either a paper entry form and submitted to the fair office, or entered online.
  4. Entries need to be brought to the fair on Entry Day (Tuesday, before the start of the fair). See the premium book for a list of entry times. Entries must be taken and entered into each respective department that they belong.
  5. At the entry table, there are volunteers ready to assist you in finding your entry tags. They will guide you through the procedures for their department.
  6. To be considered for judging, all exhibits must be entered within the specified entry times. All exhibits will remain on display at the fair. Non-livestock exhibits are judged privately, and placings will be complete with awards posted on display for the opening of the fair, 9am Thursday. For livestock, judging is a public event that takes place at a specific time during the fair.
  7. Exhibits are released at 8:00 pm on Sunday. If your item placed, you will be receiving a premium check. Checks can be collected in the fair office on Sunday evening.

Browse Through the Premium Book

Entry Forms

For a link to the online entry site or a copy of the entry form, click on the livestock or non-livestock exhibitor pages for more detailed information.

Entry Deadlines

July 1st: Online Entry Opens & Fair Registrations are accepted
August 1st: Entries submitted by paper are due to the fair office
August 1st: Online Livestock Registration Closes at 11:59pm
August 13th: Non-Livestock Registration Closes at 11:59pm

Tuesday, August 16th: Entry Day for Non-Livestock Open Class Exhibits between NOON - 7PM. No late entries accepted. Exhibits will be judged privately Tuesday night and Wednesday. Results will be displayed and exhibits ready for public viewing at 9am on Thursday, opening day of the fair. There are no fair events held on Wednesday.
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