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General Rules

General Rules & Regulations

  1. Lost and Found items can be brought to the fair office and will be stored for safe-keeping.
  2. No duplication of tickets or passes will be allowed.
  3. No Smoking inside any fairgrounds buildings, structures (permanent and temporary), grandstand, bleacher areas, or within 15 feet of building entrances. This includes E-cigarettes.
  4. While the greatest care will be taken by the management of the McLeod County Fair to protect patrons of the fair, each individual will be held personally responsible for their actions and the management will not be accountable or responsible for any injury.
  5. Upon entering the fairgrounds, be advised that photographs and/or video may be taken of the activities or events and used for future fair promotions, publications and social media.
  6. Fair admission does not guarantee that all scheduled events will take place. The schedule may change at any point without notice.
  7. No person will be permitted to distribute advertising materials or soliciting on the fairgrounds by any person, parties or organizations except from their paid exhibitor/vendor space. Posting or distribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will result in being asked to leave the fairgrounds without refunds.
  8. Space of any kind cannot be assigned, sublet, disposed of or transferred without the written consent of the McLeod County Fair Board.
  9. Any person or group that conducts a protest action must limit its activity to the location designated by the Fair Board. The designated location is the far Northwest corner of the fairgrounds. No entrances, exits or roadways can be obstructed or limited in any way. Admission must be paid to enter the fair.
  10. No hover boards, skateboards, roller or inline skates, bikes or motorized scooters, etc. are allowed on the fairgrounds. Handicap scooters are the exception. All motorized vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking areas. The Fair Board can authorize acceptance of special needs by stopping at the Fair Office for approval.
  11. NO PETS ALLOWED on the fairgrounds premises UNLESS:
    1. It is a service animal, per ADA guidelines
    2. Its presence is authorized by the Fair Board in advance of its attendance and it is either leashed or kenneled at all times while on site.
    3. Its presence is part of an activity or act organized by the Fair Board.
    4. Anyone violating this rule with a pet will take the pet off the fairgrounds property immediately upon being asked by any fair official or law enforcement personnel.
    5. Stray pets will be impounded at the owners’ expense.
  12. No live animals shall be given away or sold from a concession, exhibit or Children’s Barnyard display.
  13. The McLeod County Fair Board shall reserve the privilege of changing any of these rules and regulations to suit the purpose for which they have been made and to pass on their application regarding the McLeod County Fair.
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