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2022 Indoor Commercial Exhibitor Application

Please complete the form below and attach all necessary completed documents, then finalize your booth reservation with payment. The online form will not process until all fields, attachments and payment are complete. An email confirmation will be sent once successful. *THIS FORM MAY BE PRINTED OFF AND MAILED WITH REQUIRED DOCUMENTS AND PAYMENT, IF PREFERRED. A printable pdf version is available on the vendor page. Please make checks payable to: "McLeod County Agricultural Association" and mail this form, insurance, ST-19 form and payment to the address listed at the bottom of this form.



  • Contracts are received until all spaces are filled. All applications received on or before June 1st with payment and fully completed required documents will receive a booth rental discounted price of $175.00/booth.
  • Contracts received June 1st or after require a payment of $200.00/booth.
  • Booth location preferences may be noted on your application. Booths will be assigned where they best fit in the layout and flow of the building. We will try to accommodate your preferences as best as we are able. *As requested through feedback on the vendor survey, we are adding new exhibits into the Commercial Building to change things up. The layout of the building has changed significantly and the number of available booths has decreased. We will get you as close as possible to your desired location.
  • A confirmation via mail or email will be sent after all completed documents and payment are approved.
  • EARLY AUGUST: watch your email for a list of reminders and updates for the upcoming fair (sent to the email contact listed on this contract).
  • VENDOR CHECK-IN/ BOOTH SETUP: The commercial building will be open on Wednesday, August 17th for booth setup from NOON to 8:00PM. Stop in the fair office for booth location and vendor packet prior to setup. Building will be closed and locked at 9:00PM.
  • FAIR OPENS 9:00AM THURSDAY: All booths must be checked in, set up and ready for the public no later than 9:00AM, the official start of the fair.
  • FAIR OFFICIALLY ENDS 8:30PM SUNDAY: All booths must stay assembled until 8:00PM Sunday, as agreed upon in this contract.
FAIR DATES: Thursday, August 18th - Sunday, August 21, 2022 *Our 150th Anniversary!*
BUILDING HOURS: The Commercial Building is open to the public during the following times:
THURSDAY - SATURDAY: 9:00AM - 9:00PM, SUNDAY: 9:00AM - 8:30PM
*The Southwest doors of the building will be opened up 1/2 hour early each morning for people with booths to tidy up and re-supply as needed. Please share this information with all that may be your first shift in your booth.


One (1) booth space measuring eight (8) feet deep by ten (10) feet wide for a rental fee of $200/booth ($175/booth prior to June 1st)
ELECTRIC: Booth space includes one (1) 15-amp electrical outlet for your use.
PASSES: Two (2) Complimentary Exhibitor Pass Wristbands OR 8 individual day passes are included with each booth rental. These passes will be included in the vendor packet you pick up in the fair office at check in.


If you would like to add an additional booth space after you have sent in your application, please call or email the fair office to check availability. The fee for each additional booth space is $200/booth after June 1st.
TABLE & CHAIRS RENTAL: Rental of one (1) table and up to four (4) chairs is available for $15.00/set. 2 chairs will be placed in your space unless you indicate needing more. The table and chairs will be set in your booth space prior to your arrival. There are a limited number of tables and chairs available and they must be ordered and paid for in advance before Monday of fair week. You are welcome to bring in your own tables and/or chairs.
ADDITIONAL ELECTRIC: If your booth requires more electricity, arrangements must be made and paid for in advance before Monday of fair week. The fee for each additional 15-amp outlet is $10.00 each.
ADDITIONAL PASSES: Additional passes are available at a special rate for exhibitors and their booth staff/volunteers only. These vendor gate passes can be purchased at the time of application and will also be available for purchase in the Fair Office before the fair begins. All sales after 9:00AM Thursday will be at full price. If purchased at the time of booth reservation, passes will be included in your vendor packet at check in. If you would like to arrange to pick up passes sooner, please contact the Fair Office for arrangements.


HEALTH & SAFETY: As COVID guidelines continue to adjust, please adhere to any policies that may be in place at the time of the event. If not feeling well or have been in recent contact with a positive COVID case, please follow CDC and MN Department of Health guidelines.
BUILDING LAYOUT: A map will be posted at the main entrances to the building to help visitors easily locate your booth space. Building layout may change as needed throughout the summer to follow any current safety standards that may be in place. Booth number and locations may vary accordingly.
BOOTH STAFFING:It is NOT required that your booth be staffed, however, your property is your own liability and the McLeod County Ag. Assn. is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur. You are responsible for notifying all people involved with your booth space of the rules and regulations in this agreement, including building hours.
CONDUCT: Please maintain a family-friendly atmosphere suitable for all ages. Lessee further agrees to maintain their premises in a clean and orderly condition at all times, and to leave the space in a clean and orderly condition after booth dismantling. No posters, ads or campaign materials of any kind may be posted outside of your rented space.
USE CAUTION: A rubber sport court flooring is in the building and we would like to be overly cautious in protecting the investment as best as possible:
-Absolutely NO DRIVING VEHICLES INTO THE BUILDING. Contact the fair office if you need assistance with moving in larger items.
-Avoid contact with any chemicals on the floor (cleaning products, oils, paints, etc.). We would prefer that there are no stickers, gum or candy giveaways. If you choose to do so, keep in mind that it is difficult to remove them from the floor after the fair.
-Take caution with tables and chairs. Please avoid sliding or dragging them across the floor. Get assistance from another person to lift and move tables as needed.
-Heavyweight materials WILL LEAVE IMPRESSIONS. Please contact the fair office for tips on how to prepare the space BEFORE placing heavy equipment or items.
SAMPLES: If distributing food samples, it is your responsibility to comply with the MN Department of Health's safety guidelines and requirements.
PUBLIC WI-FI AVAILABLE: Free public Wi-Fi is available on the fairgrounds. This can be used for credit card transactions if needed, however, there will be an option to access a secured network connection for a small fee through their website, if desired. More information will be handed out at vendor check-in.
ST-19 FORM: The Department of Revenue Certificate of Compliance (ST-19) form NEEDS to be filled out completely, including a full list of what items you will be representing. Only those items listed may be sold or promoted. The MN Department of Revenue requires all county fairs to collect completed ST-19 forms from vendors designating a valid MN Sales Tax Number, unless otherwise exempt and noted accordingly. Booth reservation will not be fully secured without a completed ST-19 form on file.
PROOF OF INSURANCE: A Certificate of Liability Insurance is necessary from all vendors for booth rental and must list the McLeod County Agricultural Association as Additional Insured and have valid dates of coverage during the fair. Booth reservation will not be fully secured without it.

Company Contact Information

Previous Vendor


Preferences are not guaranteed.
Booths will be reserved on a first-come basis. The McLeod County Agricultural Association reserves the right of refusal for any application. Duplicates of home-based businesses and direct sales consultants will be notified and refunded.
Please describe/list ALL products displayed/sold:


MN DEPT. OF REVENUE ST-19 CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE FORM Completed form must be attached before submitting.
CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE Request a copy of this Cert. from your ins. co.


Included with each booth rental. Which do you prefer to get? *additional passes may be purchased


Select quantity needed for each:
2022 Indoor Commercial Booth Rental
Each booth space is 8'x10', with a 7' tall curtained back, and 3' tall curtained sides. Each booth rental includes one (1) 15 amp outlet and two (2) complimentary gate passes. *Early registration discount! Before June 1st is $175/booth, after is $200.
2022 Table & Chair Rental
Each set includes one (1) table and up to four (4) chairs. The table and chairs will be set in your booth space prior to your arrival. Rental MUST be pre-orderd prior to the start of the fair.
2022 Additional Electric - Indoor 15amp
Each booth is equipped with one (1) 15 amp outlet for your use. You must purchase additional outlets as needed for $10.00/additional 15 amp outlet.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: For and in consideration of the right and privilege of entering, participating and otherwise engaging in the McLeod County Fair to be held in Hutchinson, Minnesota, the undersigned being of full lawful age and or having full authority for and on behalf of the company or corporation mentioned thereafter, does hereby release, forever discharge and agree to hold harmless the McLeod County Agricultural Association, its Board of Directors, its other officers, employees and agents, their heirs, successors and assigns from any and all claims, actions, causes of actions and demands by reason of any consequence of undersigned’s participation in said McLeod County Fair. The Lessee covenants and agrees to abide by the laws of the State of Minnesota and all rules which shall be made by the Lessor or its officers. Lessee further agrees to sell and promote only the items that have been listed on their application and all paperwork. All lessees must comply with the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Lessee agrees to provide the Lessor with a valid Certificate of Liability Insurance showing coverage during the fair and naming the McLeod County Agricultural Association as ADDITIONAL INSURED. The Lessor reserves the right to limit the sale or promotion of any items of which are deemed inappropriate to the family atmosphere of the event. Any item found to be inappropriate, whether advertised or sold/promoted by Lessee, shall be immediately withdrawn and removed from the premise at the request of the Lessor. Failure to abide by these rules may result in the Lessor closing down said leased space and remove Lessee without liability. Space is not guaranteed. Applications are reviewed as received and are accepted upon the verification that all documents are complete. Accepted rentals are final - no refunds issued. Contact information is collected for the purpose of future rental notification and email communications for rental, with the option to opt out of further email communications beyond required of this rental.

*Booth reservation will be considered final once the fair office reviews all documents and receives payment. A confirmation via email or mail will be sent to you and will serve as your verification that booth rental is secured. If for any reason your application is not approved, a refund will be issued. All approved applications are final and no refunds will be issued. We will try our best to make the online forms unavailable as soon as the building is full, however, please understand that there is the possibility your form could be submitted before we are able to do so. Should this be the case, all fees will be fully refunded and the vendor will be notified as soon as possible.

Not submitting your application online? You may drop off applications at the Fair Office or MAIL this contract (completed in its entirety), ST-19 form, Insurance Certificate and payment to:
McLeod County Fair - Commercial Building
PO Box 142
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Questions? Contact the McLeod County Fair Office by Phone: (320)587-2499 or Email: manager@mcleodcountyfair.com

The McLeod County Agricultural Association values and appreciates our vendors and exhibitors and are open to suggestions. Please forward to manager@mcleodcountyfair.com. You may also indicate any comments or suggestions on the Vendor Comment Form (found in vendor packet) and return to the fair office by the conclusion of the fair.
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